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Pornhub Comments On Stock Photos

You guys, this is something really important I have to share with you. 

So, like, what is the etiquette if one wanted to post artwork of a, hmm, questionably modest nature? A different blog maybe idk

YAY I got a notice about it on site so I added you! 


  • Bump your dragons together
  • Make newer, cuter dragons
  • Get cool markings
  • Get cooler dragons with cooler markings
  • End of list.

What I discovered while thinking about this question is that it really bakes my noodle because I have a lot of characters that I consider to be strong in different ways.

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WorldBuilding Wednesday!


Yay, it’s the time of the week again! You can send asks with any questions about my characters/worlds/etc.

Character stuff can be found here and  here.